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Lose up to a pound a day! Programs are offered in 30 day segments, complete with program materials, hcg diet recipes, and personal consults in person or over the phone address your unique needs! Choose from our Oral HCG Spray Diet style kits for your personal weight loss needs.
All the information you need to self-administer your Colorado hcg diet weight loss program is available. Materials address the basics to lose weight. Also, schedule a personal consult for success! A sound lifestyle change is more than a product. It's guidance you can trust.
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Prime Appetite and Weight Reduction - oral hcg style sprayChoose from our Colorado HCG Spray HCG Diet kits for your personal hcg weight loss needs.

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Oral HCG Diet for HCG Weight Loss

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We at Body Solutions Rx are have services a national and international clietelle since 2004.

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Prime Appetite and Weight Reduction - oral hcg style spray